Your gift provides shelter, counseling, and essential support for men on their journey to recovery.

Welcome to The Stone Foundation, the driving force behind Restoration of Hope. Your generous donation to The Stone Foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting our mission to bring hope and positive transformation to the lives of those struggling with addiction, reentry after prison, and homelessness.

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Your gift funds housing, basic needs, and counseling services for men recovering from incarceration, addiction, or homelessness. Set up your one-time or recurring donation on Paypal.

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Shelter & Support

Your donation provides a safe haven and rehabilitation services for men seeking recovery and reentry after prison, homelessness, or addiction.

Community Transformation

Join us in creating a supportive community where individuals can heal, grow, and reintegrate successfully.

Break The Cycle

Contribute to breaking the cycle of addiction and homelessness, giving individuals the opportunity for a brighter future.

$ 1
cost to provide 90 days of treatment for one resident
$ 1
cost to provide 6 months of treatment for one resident

Your gift funds these vital services for our residents.

“My son has changed his life unbelievably. Watching him struggle with addiction was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He came back to being himself with the help of the men of Restoration of Hope. It’s just been a phenomenal thing to not have to worry about him anymore.”

Help a man reclaim his life. Your donation provides the support and resources needed for a successful recovery journey.

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